A Story of 2Noatz

Craig Purdie (a.k.a. 2NOATZ) has lived and grown musically in and around Detroit, Michigan. His focus is on Jazz music, with influences from many styles and genres from Rock, Soul, Gospel, Classical and of course, Motown. 

Craig got hooked on music in grade school, playing drums in school band and orchestra, and followed it up doing small gigs through the years, playing with some truly great jazz musicians, in and out of the studio. Attending Design school in Detroit brought new-found appreciations for Fine Art and Design, as well as Jazz and Classical music. Here, he gained associations with world-renown designers and musicians, some who even taught design by day, and maintained gigs by night in local clubs and concert venues around town. 

Six years as the house drummer in a black gospel church and a few studio projects along the way, helped Craig grow his passion for music. He was also mentored by a truly gifted recording engineer, who, after leaving Motown Records, started his own highly successful recording studio. His coming of age musically, was during some of most creative periods in Jazz, Funk and Rhythm&Blues, which has had a lasting effect on his creativity. 

Mr. Purdie has combined this background, along with ever-evolving computer skills, to create contemporary projects from his home studio. He’s a member of the baby-boomers generation, retired from his day job as a photographer/graphic designer, and is continually amazed and inspired at what can be created with the latest technology. 

The goal here is creating generic-sounding, meaningful compositions that stimulate your auditory cortex.

(That’s just hi-tech talk for “hope ya’ like the jams”) 

Shouts and comments are always welcome.